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Chapter 1248 Choosing Death

  • Ting Han, whose leg had turned jelly, was having a nervous breakdown. He had never expected his perfect plan to fail in such a way.
  • But it was Han Jingru’s prowess that truly shocked him--he was simply a league out of theirs, and his skills had already exceeded the capabilities of other humans.
  • If given another chance, Ting Han would rather remain a good-for-nothing for the rest of his life than try to make Han Jingru pay for his deeds.
  • At this moment, he finally came to realize it was a miracle for him to survive the face off with Han Jingru the last time. What a shame for ruining this opportunity!
  • Han Jingru stared at the crowd kneeling in front of him mercilessly. These hitmen were responsible for the loss of thousands of lives. Hence, they deserve to die and their death will not be in vain.
  • However, Han Jingru wasn’t planning on killing the rest of the men the Wangs hired. After all, these helpers and bodyguards were simply ordinary citizens. They had never been on the brink of death, lest kill someone with their own two hands.
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