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Chapter 1243 Once The Talk Of The Town

  • Han Jingru had his back toward the old man, but his keen senses told him that the old man behind him had fallen onto his knees. It was an act that made him sigh helplessly.
  • Although the old man was a nobody to him, he was still someone older than him. For him to kneel before a teenager like Han Jingru meant that he really had run out of options.
  • It would be heartless of Han Jingru to reject him again.
  • However, getting involved in a matter that had nothing to do with him would mean that he had to delay his trip to Yun City. Han Jingru felt that he could not accept something like that.
  • In this world, there was only one person that had a place in Han Jingru’s heart; that person was Su Yimo.
  • From afar, when Zeng Xiao and his assistant saw the scene, both fell deep into their thoughts.
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