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Chapter 1236 Taste

  • Lin Fang did not take Liu Wei’s words seriously because her sense of superiority was far too strong. Longhu Pavilion was actually nothing to her.
  • After all, Lin Fang was a socialite that had been to several grandiose banquets in many countries; her acquaintances were all famous throughout the world. It was really difficult for her to acknowledge anyone after all of that, especially the woman whom she had sworn to take revenge on. I’m not going to be fazed by this.
  • “Liu Wei, I think that I know of the reason that you think as such,” Lin Fang uttered to him.
  • Liu Wei was slightly confused. “What is it?”
  • “It just means that you’re not powerful enough. That’s why you’re making a big deal out of this trivial matter.” Lin Fang smiled as she looked down on him.
  • Liu Wei felt the satire in her words but he could only smile. In terms of wealth, he would be considered a successful person. However, he still had a long way to go when it came to authority and power. Nevertheless, that did not mean that he was ignorant. Yan City was a town filled with prominent people, and the number of times that Longhu Pavilion was used was enough indication of its significance.
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