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Chapter 1217 Unbridled Arrogance

  • Chong Yang was the strongest man Qi Hu had ever known. He only teased his master as payback, since he would frequently starve during his training. Because of that, he held a grudge against his master.
  • When it was two minutes before the battle, Han Jingru went into the ring.
  • His appearance sent ripples of cheers across the audience. Most of his female fans were originally Yan Bingfeng’s. Han Jingru felt awkward and annoyed by the cheers, for he wasn’t going to take the idol route.
  • Most of the people from the martial arts world didn’t think Han Jingru had a good chance of winning. He might have won against Yan Bingfeng, but it was nothing to them. Yan Bingfeng was a newbie, but Chong Yang was not. He was already famous for dozens of victories against martial arts academies before Han Jingru. Chong Yang was on a whole other level.
  • “I wonder who asked Chong Yang to come out from his retirement. This is an unfair match.”
  • “Chong Yang can’t enter the Martial Arts Summit under normal circumstances. The one who did this must be powerful.
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