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Chapter 1211 The Opponent Is Chong Yang

  • It was a heart-wrenching sight for Mo Yanshang, looking at Wu Xin trampling on Mo Yu’s dignity as Wu Xin was not exactly Han Jingru but a mere ordinary woman. How dare she do what she did in front of the Mos!
  • However, Mo Yanshang could not stop her, since she had Han Jingru’s support.
  • “How much would you like? This is your chance to change your life,” Mo Yanshang asked. Knowing that girls like her would do anything for the money, he figured that giving her a good sum would resolve the matter once and for all.
  • Wu Xin was just an ordinary girl, and money was indeed a very attractive offer. After all, most people spend their lives working just for the money, and almost no ordinary person would reject an offer of free money.
  • “A hundred million,” Wu Xin said without much thought. It was an astronomical amount of money, but she wanted to exploit Mo Yanshang as much as she could.
  • “Sure,” Mo Yanshang said.
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