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Chapter 1203 Chong Yang Went Out Of The Mountain

  • “It’s really unexpected that he found me.” Chong Yang went into deep thoughts. When I retired, I almost cut off all ties with everyone in order to focus on training up Qi Hu. I even purposely hid away in a secluded mountain. Who knew, Nangong Boling tracked me down.
  • “Nothing escapes the head of the family,” Zhong Changqiu said naturally.
  • Chong Yang nodded. Nangong Boling’s circle of influence is indeed amazing. Since I’ve given him my promise back then, there’s no reason for me to refuse his request, now that he had found me.
  • He took a look at Qi Hu who was chewing the roasted hare that he threw away. “What does he want me to do?”
  • “He hopes that you can participate in the Martial Arts Summit which is happening now in Yan City,” Zhong Changqiu went straight to the point.
  • “Martial Arts Summit?” Chong Yang was dumbfounded. As a martial arts practitioner, he knew about the summit but was perplexed as to why Nangong Boling want him to take part in it.
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