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Chapter 1195 Kick You Out

  • The wreckage in the place was a testament to Mo Yu’s ill temper. She seemed unbothered about how expensive or precious the broken items were. In her eyes, money was but a number. What more, she was born into wealth and lived a lavish lifestyle with no problems.
  • “What in the world are you doing?” Mo Yanshang yelled.
  • Mo Yu burst into tears. She knew that tears were her best weapon, especially toward her grandfather.
  • “Grandpa, how could you let Han Jingru into our house? Don’t you know about what he did?” Mo Yu pleaded with a whiny voice.
  • “Are you talking about him defeating Yan Bingfeng at the Martial Arts Summit?” Mo Yanshang asked, unmoved.
  • “Defeat?” Mo Yu frowned at the mention of the word. “I wouldn’t act like this if he had won Yan Bingfeng fair and square. Isn’t it obvious that he played dirty? How could a loser like him defeat Yan Bingfeng? And how did Yan Bingfeng even become his opponent? There must be a despicable scoundrel pulling the strings in the dark!” she gushed.
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