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Chapter 1193 Be The Son In Law Of The Mo Family

  • Nonetheless, Qi Donglin didn’t feel indignant, as he knew his limits. If it weren’t for Han Jingru, he wouldn’t even have the courage to come to the Mo residence, let alone deserve to drink that cup of tea.
  • After taking a sip of the tea, Han Jingru struck up a conversation. ”You’ve given up so easily. Mo Yanshang, this is not like you at all.” He went straight to the point, confronting the old man about the arrangement for Yan Bingfeng to be his rival.
  • Since Han Jingru had cut to the chase, Mo Yanshang laughed and admitted it openly. “Your capability is beyond my expectation. Yan Bingfeng isn’t the strongest one in Yan City, but he’s the best among the young generation. Yet, you’re even younger than him.”
  • Pausing briefly, the man continued, “The future belongs to young people like you. I can’t imagine how powerful you’ll be when you reach your full potential. After weighing my options, I think my family shouldn’t be at odds with you.”
  • Mo Yanshang didn’t compromise with Han Jingru only because of a competition, but he had thought far ahead. After all, he was getting older now. It was only because of him that the Mo family was thriving. Once he breathed his last, the status of the Mo family in Yan City would certainly be affected. Other than that, there was no one in the family who qualified to pick up the responsibilities. He wouldn’t be surprised if the younger ones squandered all the family’s wealth and assets after he passed away. And he was unwilling to let this happen.
  • The Mo family might continue to prosper if they managed to get acquainted with Han Jingru.
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