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Chapter 1188 Lawless

  • “I can’t believe that he lives in a dump like this.”
  • Mo Yu and her girls showed up in the residential area shortly after Han Jingru got in. Obviously, they tailed him back to his place to seek vengeance on behalf of Yan Bingfeng.
  • “Rumor had it that he had been chased out of the Han family. Looks like that is true.”
  • “Mo Yu, we’re not actually going into a place like this, right? This is a place for the lesser people, and it is so dirty.”
  • “She’s right. I don’t want to walk into a dump like that.”
  • They were Mo Yu’s friends, so naturally, their families were powerful as well. Their upbringing made it so that they had developed a distaste for poor residential areas like that. They were all rich heirs who grew up in huge mansions, so they were all pompous and had never been to a place like that before.
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