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Chapter 1183 Everyone Laughed

  • “Jingru, have you heard who your opponent is?” asked Yang Wanlin, after sighing deeply.
  • “I heard it’s someone called Yan Bingfeng, but I have no idea who he really is. All I know is that he was granted the privilege of skipping the preliminary round,” replied Han Jingru.
  • Yang Wanlin nodded and said, “He is the trending topic of the Martial Arts Summit and is extremely powerful, so they let him skip the preliminary rounds. He only rejected that offer and participated to come after you.”
  • Han Jingru wasn’t surprised to hear that at all. He simply asked, “The Mo family is behind this, aren’t they?”
  • “Yep. It’s likely that Mo Yanshang made the arrangements personally. Otherwise, Yan Bingfeng won’t have shown up in the second round,” said Yang Wanlin.
  • Han Jingru grinned. That was what he had expected. After all, the Mo family was one of the Three Principal Families, so there was no way Mo Yanshang would keep his promise just like that. However, him testing the waters so carefully meant that he feared Han Jingru to a certain extent. That was the only reason why Mo Yanshang only defied Han Jingru in the shadows.
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