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Chapter 1160 The Rich Get Their Happy Ending

  • Han Jingru had a good night’s sleep. While he was completely unbothered by the Martial Arts Summit tomorrow, Shi Yan was so worried that she could not fall asleep at all.
  • Although she did not know how well he would perform at the Martial Arts Summit, she knew that this was a chance for him to prove himself in front of so many families. If he failed, he might be utterly defeated that he would not have a chance to rise up again.
  • She did not have high expectations for a fourteen-year-old teenager, but she desperately wished that Han Jingru would do well. Hopefully, he could prove Nangong Shuxian wrong, and make her realize how foolish it was to underestimate Han Jingru.
  • At midnight, Shi Yan’s phone suddenly rang, displaying a call from Han Ying. It was obvious that he was so worried that he could not fall asleep, just like her.
  • “What?” asked Shi Yan calmly. Ever since she left the Han family, her relationship with Han Ying had reached rock bottom.
  • “Jingru will be taking part in the Martial Arts Summit tomorrow. I really can’t fall asleep. Thinking that you might be in the same situation as me, I called you to ask about it,” replied Han Ying. As Shi Yan had picked up the call quickly, he knew that his guess was correct— she could not fall asleep too.
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