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Chapter 1157 Become A Servant

  • As the only family in Yan City who knew what was actually going on, the Yaos were well aware that Han Jingru would amaze everyone with his skills at the Martial Arts Summit. The martial arts world and the business world would be shaken, and it will be a jaw-dropping moment for all those who looked down on Han Jingru.
  • “Dad, who would have thought Han Jingru would establish ties with the Yangs in such a short amount of time. Does that mean we won’t stand a chance anymore?” Even though Yao Hanxing had not accomplished anything useful up till now, he understood how important Han Jingru was to the Yaos.
  • Yao Yuhai once mentioned that he should establish a good rapport with Han Jingru and Yao Hanxing was doing just that. It was a pity things changed too quickly. The Yaos were no longer of use to Han Jingru after receiving the Yang’s protection.
  • Yao Yuhai couldn’t help but sigh upon that thought. He had wanted to provide the Yaos a brighter future with Han Jingru’s help. However, now that the Yangs had come into the picture, it seemed like the Yaos could only let the opportunity slip through their fingers.
  • “Yeah, he doesn’t need us anymore with the Yangs around,” Yao Yuhai said helplessly.
  • “Then what should we do now?” asked Yao Hanxing.
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