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Chapter 1154 The Ultimate Fighter

  • Han Jingru said those things to Qin Fu as a preventive measure.
  • Although Qin Fu did not show signs of betraying Han Jingru, their situation then had changed. Qin Fu’s power had grown exponentially, so Han Jingru was worried that his subordinate would be blinded by it and that things would not end well for the man.
  • In a sense, Han Jingru would rather not fight Qin Fu. After all, they had been in a superior-subordinate relationship for two lifetimes then.
  • “I’ll do well to remember your words, Boss.”
  • Han Jingru approached Qin Fu and said solemnly, “I don’t wish for us to be enemies. After all, Dynasty will eventually be yours.”
  • Qin Fu did not understand what Han Jingru meant by that. Han Jingru gave his blood, sweat, and tears to build Dynasty. Why would it be mine?
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