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Chapter 1148 The Martial Arts Summit

  • It was not hard to figure out what Han Jingru was implying, and Yang Wanlin was no idiot, so he immediately ordered his men to give Han Yu another beating.
  • At that moment, Han Yu was ready to embrace death, for he had never taken so much beating in his entire life. The boy was physically and mentally hurt.
  • “Jingru, I didn’t ruin your plan, did I?” asked Yang Bin cautiously because he was worried that he might have interfered with Han Jingru’s original plan.
  • “No. Rather, this is even better than I thought, Patriarch,” replied Han Jingru with a smile.
  • Han Jingru originally intended to use the Yaos to intimidate Nangong Shuxian, and he never expected the Yangs to get involved. However, the Yangs turned out to be a much more intimidating force than the Yaos.
  • Yang Bin laughed heartily when he heard Han Jingru call him Patriarch. That was probably the first time he was that happy to be addressed that way.
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