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Chapter 1077 Reversing Their Case

  • “Based on what you’re saying, Master, Xenos is no match for the Qilin.” With a terrified face, Huang Xiaoyong looked Han Jingru. Even though the man was not very intelligent at times, he was very clear and aware when it came to this matter.
  • the Qilin was from a Higher Realm and not from their world. Hence, Xenos was no match for its power.
  • Han Jingru glanced at Fei Lingsheng. There was a very low possibility of success if he were to attempt to use his powers to defeat the familiar. However, it might still be possible with the plan he had made up with Fei Lingsheng.
  • The woman understood the message he was sending her with his eyes. She also knew very well that if the Qilin’s origins were as described by Han Jingru, they could only win this battle with the use of divine punishment.
  • “I will increase my powers as quickly as possible,” Fei Lingsheng stated firmly.
  • Han Jingru nodded and told the two women, “Go and rest. We will continue this conversation when you recover from your injuries.”
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