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Chapter 106 One Punch

  • Tian Jingle planned to answer the challenge with the strongest fighter in his dojo. But now that Tian Shuirou’s happiness was at stake, and the bet with Luo Bin was that he could send as many men as possible, Tian Jingle decided to let someone else test the water.
  • “Observe the fight carefully. We must not lose this fight!” Tian Jingle instructed the man beside him. He was the strongest fighter in the dojo. And at that moment, the second strongest person was entering the ring.
  • “Rest assured, master. I will try my best.”
  • At that time, there was a loud bang in the ring. Luo Bin’s fighter kicked off the floor and charged forward. Even the entire ring was shaking.
  • After the loud bang, that fighter shortened the distance between himself and Tian Jingle’s fighter. It may seem to be lightning speed for ordinary people but Han Jingru simply shook his head in disapproval.
  • “An imbalance focus towards strength training will reduce speed and agility. However, it is more than enough to annihilate the fighters from this dojo.”
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