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Chapter 1052 Banish The Emperor

  • Raising his brow, Han Jingru said, “You don’t want it? I’ll take it back then.”
  • Opening her eyes wide, Fei Lingsheng hurriedly snatched the Holy Chestnut from his hand subconsciously. Although she didn’t know why Han Jingru was willing to give her the Holy Chestnut, she took it because it was too rare of an opportunity to miss out.
  • Looking at the Holy Chestnut in her hands, Fei Lingsheng felt more at ease. She continued to ask, “Why did you change your mind? You can easily defeat Yi Qingshan without my help.”
  • Fei Lingsheng’s thought regarding the whole matter was clear. She knew Han Jingru didn’t give her the Holy Chestnut to ask for her help in defeating Yi Qingshan because Yi Qingshan was obviously weaker than Han Jingru then.
  • He explained, “You said it before. You can help me fight against the Qilin. I wish to live, so you must become stronger. Maybe this will increase my chance of surviving.”
  • Of course, this wasn’t the main reason. Han Jingru didn’t trust Fei Lingsheng fully, and was always observing her.
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