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Chapter 1050 Mixing The Leg Bone In

  • When Han Jingru said this, the people around him looked rather shocked, including Fei Lingsheng.
  • He didn’t look as though he was joking. Besides, he had made that statement so confidently. Didn’t that mean that Han Jingru’s cultivation stage had already surpassed that of a Pinnacle Master?
  • Many of the fighters in the Imperial Court had their own theories regarding Han Jingru’s stage. However, none of them knew for sure what stage he had actually reached.
  • Some people argued that he was a Pinnacle Master, while others were more inclined to believe that he had surpassed that stage and gone on to the legendary Alpha Stage. Even if he wasn’t at that stage yet, they said, he had to be pretty close to it.
  • However, if he had the confidence to defeat Yi Qingshan in a battle, he had probably reached the Alpha Stage already.
  • Fei Lingsheng sighed loudly and said to Han Jingru, “You really consider Pinnacle Masters to be beneath you, don’t you?”
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