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Chapter 1043 Underestimating Me

  • “Tell Jiang Yingying to come out if you don’t want anyone else to turn to dust!” Yi Qingshan declared.
  • “Why are you looking for Yingying?” Huang Xiaoyong asked as his heart raced. What stage is this guy at? He killed two disciples the moment he came! We might not be able to defeat him without Master around...
  • “You waste any of my time and I’ll paint the walls with your blood!” Yi Qingshan bellowed. He no longer cared about avoiding bloodshed, since killing two of Han Jingru’s disciples would warrant his wrath. He had his eyes on the Holy Chestnut, and he was determined to get it at all cost.
  • By then, the entire Piaomiao Sect and few other curious onlookers have gathered at the foot of the mountain.
  • “How dare you disrespect Jingru Sect! Do you know who’s their Master?” Yan Qinghua yelled, clenching her fists at the sight of the two dead bodies of young kids on the ground.
  • With Han Jingru’s reputation, no one in the right mind would even dare to challenge him.
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