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Chapter 1025 Dragon Master

  • “Wow, where did the innocent girl from back then go? You’ve become quite the cunning young lady,” Han Jingru said mockingly.
  • At the sight of Jiang Yingying’s annoyance, Han Jingru quickly said, “But this information is actually really useful. After all, we’re not aiming solely at the Imperial Court. If an Alpha Stage fighter suddenly showed up in Xia Nation, it would be a big mess.”
  • “Jingru, why don’t you just chat her up? An attractive guy like you could easily get her on our side. With an Alpha Stage fighter like that fighting alongside us, things would be much easier,” Jiang Yingying said with a giggle. She wasn’t just a doormat lying there for anyone to tease or mock. An eye for an eye, as they used to say.
  • Han Jingru smiled bitterly at the casual dig and replied, “Didn’t you say she has a kid? Do I look like the type to become someone’s stepdad?”
  • “So what? Xiang can have another sibling! Isn’t that great?” Jiang Yingying said matter-of-factly.
  • “Jiang Yingying, are you sure you’re on our side? If Yimo heard about this, she’d beat me to death,” Han Jingru said helplessly. There was no way a third party could ever come between him and Su Yimo. If that ever happened, Han Jingru would need to go back to sleeping with one eye open.
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