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Chapter 1022 A Perfect Plan

  • Two days later, the men from the Dragon Emperor Palace arrived.
  • The news spread like a wildfire throughout all the families and sects.
  • At Piaomiao Sect.
  • As soon as Yan Qinghua, the sect elder, found out about it, she went to look for the sect leader, Zhantai Liuyue.
  • “Madam, bad news.” Yan Qinghua was panic-stricken. Though Piaomiao Sect was not the most powerful sect in the Imperial Court, it was still considered as one of the more prominent sects. The existence of Jingru Sect had captured the attention of the Emperor and was now threatening the status of Piaomiao Sect.
  • “What’s wrong? You’re a sect elder. Don’t get so anxious over any big or small matter.” Zhantai Liuyue rebuked Yan Qinghua.
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