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Chapter 1015 What I Wanted To Know

  • Was I too careless?
  • Or was it because Fei Ling’er had always been overly guarded and secretive?
  • He developed a sense of threat as his thoughts ran through his head. It would be a wake-up call for him if Fei Ling’er were to plot something out of his radar.
  • “Why do you want to establish a sect?” Fei Ling’er asked. She had not panicked when Han Jingru said he would investigate Yi Qingshan’s identity, and that was because she had dealt with the matter before she came to see Han Jingru.
  • At that moment, Yi Qingshan had great admiration for Fei Ling’er. Earlier on, he had not understood why would Fei Ling’er go out of her way. But now, he saw how good she was in taking precautionary measures.
  • “You really want to know?” Han Jingru asked.
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