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Chapter 1012 Left With No Choice

  • “Do you know what brought Han Jingru to Xixiang City?” Fei Ling’er asked Yi Qingshan. This question had lingered in her mind for quite some time, but she did not have an answer. Yet, she knew Han Jingru would not purposely come here without a plan.
  • “There are so many bigger problems in life we have to deal with. Why do you let this bother you? Relax, time will tell,” Yi Qingshan said nonchalantly. As a Pinnacle Master, he had all the time in the world to wait for the answer.
  • “I’m worried he might do something foolish,” Fei Ling’er expressed her concern.
  • Yi Qingshan immediately raised his brows. “You have feelings for him?”
  • Fei Ling’er instantly shot daggers at Yi Qingshan, “Are you looking for trouble with me? You want to fight?”
  • Yi Qingshan waved his hand in the air right away. “I was kidding! I’m just afraid of losing you if you fall in love with someone else.”
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