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Chapter 32 I’m Back

  • Changbing didn’t even know what happened but Ling Heng saw it for himself. The man made a stupid face and he was completely terrified.
  • The few underlings were like brittle porcelain in front of Han Jingru and they posed none whatsoever threat to the man. In mere seconds, they were dropped to the ground.
  • That… Is he human?
  • “Did I let you go?” There was a sound as cold as blizzard from the back of Changbing’s ears.
  • Changbing was frightened. The moment he tilted his head and saw Han Jingru, he was unable to believe his eyes.
  • “Han Jingru, what the heck are you doing? If you offend me, the entire Su family will fall. Not just you!” Changbing gritted his teeth.
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