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Chapter 201 Reason  

  • Merry-go-round Snooker Centre.
  • It was an adorable name but the guests inside weren’t ordinary people. They were filled with tattoos and the entire place was filled with cigarette smoke and vile curses. The floor was filled with cigarette butts and no one cleaned it up. There was still a pile of empty beer bottles with history and a strong stink.
  • When Jiang Shen and his so-called friends came to the snooker Centre, they frowned after smelling the stink. The man was frightful as well. After all, the person he was about to meet was the biggest gang leader of the underworld of Bin County. They called him Mr. Long.
  • When Jiang Shen entered the snooker centre, everyone stopped talking and it turned into an eerie silence. Every single one of them were leering at Jiang Shen and the man was even more frightened.
  • “Mr. Long.” When Jiang Shen walked towards Mr. Long, he greeted the man nervously.
  • Mr. Long run his bold head and the thick gold necklace around his neck were swinging.
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