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Chapter 99 I Want Her Punished Harshly

  • When Dr Cain saw that there was improvement in the babies’ heart rate, he approached Mr Anthony and others and told them that he would keep Victoria overnight for observation. They bowed down their heads and prayed. Mark thanked everyone, then Mr Anthony and the others reluctantly bade goodbye to Mark and Victoria and left the ward. Mr Lewis went home with a heavy heart. He nearly lost her precious daughter today. He thanked the Lord for His mercies. He decided to call Mr Johnson, “Hello Emmanuel, I nearly lost my daughter and my grandchildren today. Please thank James for me. Apparently the mugger was paid by someone to hurt my daughter, but he changed his mind.” Emmanuel was dumbfounded. Who would hurt Victoria? He asked Patrick, “who was trying to hurt Victoria, Patrick?” Patrick told him the whole story; Emmanuel was so shocked he didn’t utter a word. He promised to visit Victoria at the hospital, and then they hung up the phone. Emmanuel dropped everything and rushed to the hospital to see Victoria. She was like a daughter to him; he was fond of her.
  • When he arrived in Victoria’s ward, Mark was holding his wife in his arms smiling at each other. He greeted them with a smile, and he looked at Victoria with concern, “Your father told me that there is a problem with the babies, I thought you only sprained your ankle. How are the babies, Victoria?” Victoria smiled and replied, “thanks to my husband who insisted on me coming to the hospital, I nearly lost our babies. Dr Cain indicated that the babies’ heart rate was improving.” Mr Johnson was glad to hear that, “I heard that you have bodyguards, why were you shopping alone?” Victoria looked at her hands and replied, “I gave them time off because I thought I don’t have any enemies, since Mrs Johnson and Auntie Grace have learnt their lesson. Unfortunately, I met a mugger, thanks to James for saving me and my babies.” Mr Johnson looked at Mark who shook his head. It was clear that Victoria was not aware that the mugger was paid by someone to hurt her. Then he wished her a speedy recovery and left the hospital.
  • Mr Anthony asked the siblings to spend the night at the Anthony residence. When they arrived home, they sat on the sofa in the living room. Mr Anthony looked at them and said, “Grace hurt me deeply, I want her punished harshly.” Jonathan nodded his head and said, “I want to know how my mother met the mugger. He looks like a decent boy. She lied to him that my sister-in-law had destroyed her marriage. How could she forget that she had destroyed her own marriage because of greed? I was shocked when I heard her denying sending someone to stab my sister-in-law.” Tamara looked at him with disdain in her eyes, “I had a hunch that it might be your mother or Mrs Johnson. I wasn’t surprised when I heard the mugger indicating that he was paid by your mother. She doesn’t have any kindness in her, she is heartless. You would swear that she married my Uncle for money. It’s true that my sister-in-law destroyed her marriage by reconciling father and son. She was very happy when my brother refused to forgive Uncle Timothy.” Theodore nodded his head and said, “Auntie Grace came to my office and she told me that we owe her because Uncle Timothy raised us up using Jonathan’s inheritance. Her Sister-in-law is her worst enemy.” Jonathan didn’t utter a word because his mother told him that Anthony’s wealth belonged to him. He was heartbroken about his mother’s actions.
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