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Chapter 165 Sole Custody

  • He walked in the living room to tell his mother that he was going to fetch Serene he then left. When he arrived at Serene’s apartment she was on the phone with Sandra. Since it was hot Serene’s door was wide open. He was about to knock on the door when he heard her saying, “Sandra, I have no doubt in my mind that the old witch would come and fetch me. Failing which I will starve myself like last time then they will be forced to take me back. My baby is my secret weapon. I knew that James’ father doesn’t like me, but I didn’t think he would sabotage my baby shower event and sow a discord between me and you guys. Everyone hates me now because of him, I hate him so much. When I have James’ heart I will send his father to the Old Age Home with that pretentious witch. I hate James for abandoning me, but I will endure it until he falls in love with me again then I will avenge myself. I’m so happy there is no harmony in that house I hope they will divorce.” Serene felt that someone was watching her. She was so shocked to see James in her apartment she opened her mouth, but no words came forth. She nearly peed on herself; she wanted to explain but she didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t she locked the door? James approached her step by step; Serene was so scared she took a step back. Was he going to beat her up? James looked at her with disdain in his eyes and said, “who do you think you are Serene? Do you think I’m an object for you to toy with? I’m such a fool for taking pity on you. My dad asked me to bring you back home, but you are slandering him behind his back. Listen to me carefully, you will never have my heart. I will leave you here to atone your sins. I will fetch you after a week. If you starve yourself like you did previously, I will ask Dr Cain to perform an induced labor. After you gave birth I will then go to court to apply for sole custody of my child because you are an unfit mother.”
  • He didn’t give Serene time to respond then he turned and left, he slammed the door with a bang. He was fuming with rage; he went to his car then he drove home. His mother was surprised to see him alone and she asked, “where is Serene?” James replied, “I left her in her apartment because I overheard her saying when she gets my heart she will send my father and his pretentious witch to an Old Age Home. Also, she wished that you divorce each other. I left her to atone her sins. Also, I told her that should she starve herself I will go to court and apply for sole custody.” His mother was so shocked when she heard James’ words she was trembling with anger. She wished she could go to Serene’s apartment and slap her, but she suppressed her anger. Serene was ungrateful Mrs Johnson was thinking about everything she had done for Serene. She nearly lost her marriage because of her she was indeed an ingrate. It was clear to her that Serene was out for revenge. Her heart became bitter, Serene took her for a fool. She would never forgive Serene for playing with her feelings. She couldn’t believe that Serene took her marriage as a joke.
  • James laughed at his mother and said, “you treated her as treasure, but she is laughing at you behind your back. Mom, there may come a time when you will wish you were nice to Victoria, but it will be too late to regret.” He then walked to his bedroom to rest. Mrs Johnson sat on the sofa lost in thought Serene was toying with her marriage. When she thought about James’ words he felt bitterness in her heart. Would she ever regret her decision for not supporting her husband regarding Victoria? She didn’t think so because in her eyes Victoria was a gold digger.
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