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Chapter 125 Valentine's Day (5)

  • Last night, Mrs Johnson went to the kitchen to drink some water. She was surprised to see James in the living room. Before she asked him why he was not with Serene, she heard James telling someone that he had ordered 99 red roses for Valentine’s Day. She was over the moon. She assumed that James was preparing flowers for Serene. She couldn’t wait to tell her husband that her precious son was over Victoria. She forgot that she was thirsty. She returned to their bedroom without drinking water. She was so excited when she arrived in the bedroom, but she was so disappointed to see her husband fast asleep. In the morning, Mr Johnson kissed his wife and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely wife.” Mrs Johnson smiled and replied, “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Hubby. I think we made a wise decision by forcing James to take responsibility for Serene. I overheard him telling someone that he ordered 99 red roses for Valentine’s Day.” Her husband looked at her and replied, “My love, please don’t tell Serene this matter, what if James was preparing the flowers for someone else.” Mrs Johnson looked at her husband and said, “I don’t think so Hubby, there is progress between James and Serene, they share the bedroom now and I haven’t received any complaints from Serene. I think our son is over Victoria. The baby helped him to come to his senses. I’m overjoyed Hubby.” Mr Johnson knew that James would never give Serene a second chance. He was still holding a grudge against Serene for beating Victoria for no reason. Mr Johnson went to the bathroom to take a shower, Mrs Johnson walked to the closet to get a suit for him. Then she went to the bathroom to wash her face and brushed her teeth. She helped her husband to wear his tie. Then they headed down to the dining room to eat. James was in the sitting room waiting for his parents. He greeted them with a smile, then they walked to the dining room to eat. Mrs Johnson was in a good mood, she looked at James and asked, “since it’s a Valentine’s Day today have you planned anything for your wife?” James replied, “I don’t have any plans for today Mom, I have back to back meetings.” His mother looked at her husband and said, “Hubby, you know that today is an important day for lovers, why don’t you attend the meetings instead of our son?” Her husband looked at his wife and replied, “he scheduled the meetings himself, please don’t involve me.” Mrs Johnsons was so annoyed and said, “James, your marriage with Serene is fragile, please try to spend time with your wife.” James ignored his mother he felt that his mother was a hypocrite since he told his father that she hated Victoria because she made her son unhappy, he was unhappy with Serene, but his mother forced him to be with Serene. She didn’t care about his happiness anymore just because Serene was pregnant. He looked at his father and said, “Dad, I’m leaving now to prepare for my meetings.” He stood up, then he walked to the living room to take his briefcase and left for work. He scheduled these meetings because he wanted to avoid Serene’s nagging. In all honesty, he didn’t want to be on the same roof with Serene. He smiled when he thought about the roses that he bought for Victoria. When James left, his father reminded his wife not to utter a word to Serene regarding the flowers. Mrs Johnson ignored her husband, she wanted to cheer Serene up. She would tell Serene the good news, later she would take Serene to Hope Shopping Mall to buy her a beautiful dress. After breakfast, Mr Johnson left for work as well. Mrs Johnson didn’t go back to sleep, she stayed in the living room to watch her favourite drama. Shortly after Serene joined her mother-in-law in the living room, Mrs Johnson asked the Housekeeper to prepare breakfast for Serene. Within a few minutes, the Housekeeper informed her that breakfast was ready. Mrs Johnson accompanied Serene to eat. She smiled at her and asked, “is my son treating you well?” Serene looked down at her plate and replied, “Mom, I don’t know if James will ever forgive me for beating up Victoria. He looks at me as if he hates me, he doesn’t even touch me. I’m just hoping that the baby will bring us together.” Her mother-in-law looked at her and asked, “don’t you share the same bed with my son?” Serene faintly smiled and replied, “James sleeps in the couch since he moved into our bedroom. He told me that he doesn’t love me anymore. I’m really regretful for taking his love for granted.” Her mother in law comforted her and said, “I overheard James talking to someone on the phone saying that he ordered 99 red roses for you maybe it’s the turning point.” Serene smiled sweetly at her mother in law, she couldn’t believe her ears, “is it true Mom?” Her mother in law nodded her head then she said, “let’s go shopping later after you received your flowers.” Serene was grinning from ear to ear, she was really happy. At that moment, someone rang the bell. The housekeeper opened the door. When he saw the delivery man carrying flowers, he took the flowers and signed for them. He took the flowers and gave it to Mrs Johnson. She smiled and said, “give them to young Madam.” The Housekeeper gave the flowers to Serene, she was smiling from ear to ear. Her mother-in-law was not lying when she told her that she overheard James talking about the flowers on the phone. She took a card and opened it; her smile froze. The flowers belonged to her mother in law, “Mom, the flowers are yours.” She was so disappointed her heart became bitter. Mrs Johnson was so shocked that the flowers were hers, the card was written ‘Queen of my heart, yours in love Emmanuel.’ She was so happy to receive flowers from her husband, but she felt bad for her daughter-in-law’s disappointment. She comforted her and said, “Don’t feel bad Serene, I think yours is still coming.” Serene told her mother-in-law that she was tired, then she went back to her room to sleep. She was really sad it was clear to her that James had bought flowers for Victoria. At 1:00 pm, Mr Johnson took the gifts from the drawer, then he went to his son’s office, “Son, I’m going home to spend Valentine’s Day with your mother. Did you buy flowers for Serene?” James replied, “I bought flowers for Victoria.” His father thought as much. He was glad that he reminded his wife not to tell Serene about the flowers. “Son, you have to give up on Victoria, she is happily married to Mark. He is very good to her. I don’t see them divorcing. Timothy loved Victoria very much, he would not allow anyone to steal her from the Anthony family. As the Johnson family we lost a good woman.” James looked at his father and replied, “Dad, I love Victoria very much, I won’t give up, I will wait for her.” His father shook his head and said, “I’m going home now, bye.” Since his wife was banned from the Anthony hotels and restaurants, he decided to order his wife’s favourite dishes from His Wings restaurant. He asked them to deliver food around 2:00 pm. He quickly went to the parking lot, then he drove home. His wife was surprised to see him. He hugged his wife, then he gave her a gift box. Mrs Johnson opened her gift, she screamed when she saw an exquisite diamond pendant. She hugged her husband tightly and said, “thank you Hubby, my pendant is so beautiful and my beautiful flowers.” At that moment, His Wings restaurant delivery man arrived to deliver food. Mrs Johnson was over the moon. She missed her favourite dishes a lot, she kissed her husband gently. Her husband was grinning from ear to ear. He asked the Housekeeper to prepare food. Mrs Johnson sent a helper to fetch Serene to eat. Since she was hungry she didn’t refuse, then she headed down to the dining room. Serene smiled at her mother-in-law, but she ignored her father-in-law. Mr Johnson gave her a gift box. She hesitated but she took it. She thanked her father-in-law, but she didn’t open it. Her mother-in-law looked at Serene with a smile and said, “Serene, open your gift I want to see.” Serene reluctantly opened her gift; sitting in the box was the stunning pearl earrings. Her eyes lit up, but she didn’t say anything. She wished that these earrings were from James, not from her father-in-law. Her mother-in-law was not happy with Serene’s attitude. Her father-in-law looked at her, then he shook his head. The Housekeeper informed them that lunch was ready.
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