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Chapter 59 Auntie Abigail

  • Mark arrived at His Glory hotel at 1:30 pm. Abigail arrived shortly after him. She was surprised to see Mark; she knew that Mark was working at the Johnson Group. She walked to him and hugged him tightly. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “you are so handsome young man, you took after your mother” Mark smiled and replied, “thank you Auntie Abigail, nice to meet you.” Auntie Abigail hugged him again; she wished that Kimberly was still alive to see her handsome and capable son. “How is your beautiful wife?” Mark smiled and replied, “She is well, thanks Auntie.” Auntie Abigail smiled and said, “I’m meeting your dad for cooperation, my company is not doing well, I need some injection.” Mark smiled and said, “Auntie Abigail, dad sent me to meet you, I’m no longer at Johnson Group. According to your proposal, you need two billion rand and you offered to give us 10% profit, we agree to cooperate with you, Auntie Abigail.” Auntie Abigail smiled brightly at Mark; they signed the contract. Then they ordered food and drinks.
  • “Auntie Abigail, can you tell me about my mother.” Auntie Abigail smiled with tears in her eyes, “your mother and I were thick as thieves when we were young. She was very beautiful, kindhearted, and soft spoken. I used to go to her house because her grandmother was a good cook. She loved your father so much. I don’t think that she chose you over your father. She was very happy when she found out that she was pregnant. She was looking forward to meeting you. When your father remarried after a year, my heart was heartbroken. I felt that your father didn’t love your mother enough. I stopped speaking to him. I felt that he betrayed my friend. After some years, I received a call from him. He told me that he remarried because there was a hole in his heart; he was trying to ease the pain. Then I forgave him, he helped me to start this company. Your father is what he is today because of your mother. She built His Wings restaurant from nothing. She was business-minded. I was born from a poor family; she always told me that I could be anything I wanted. Looking back at my background, I really thank the Lord for His goodness in my life, who would have known that I would own a business. Sometimes I pinched myself to confirm that I’m not dreaming. People used to say that I would amount to nothing but look at me now. Your mother sowed a seed of faith deep in my heart. I really blessed the Lord for allowing me to have a friend like her, even though it was for a short period. I’m glad that you’ve reconciled with your father.” Mark smiled at her and said, “Auntie Abigail, for a long time I didn’t want to forgive my dad because he didn’t love me. My wife taught me how to forgive. I will be eternally grateful to my wife. She is amazing, and I don’t see myself without her in my life, she is my world.” Auntie Abigail was so happy to hear Mark’s words, “your wife is special, visit me sometimes with her.” Mark promised her that he would visit her with his wife. Then they bid each other goodbye and left the hotel.
  • Mark went back to the office to give his father feedback regarding the cooperation with Good News Group. His father was in a good mood. He told his son that Mrs Johnson had been arrested. Mark was dumbfounded, his father was revengeful. At 5:30 pm he left the office to fetch his wife. On their way home, “Sweetheart, dad got Mrs Johnson arrested.” Victoria was shocked, she laughed out loud. “I wish I had been there to see her face when she was handcuffed by the police.” Mark told her that his father called the reporter to take photos of her struggling to get into the police van. Victoria was so happy; she couldn’t wait to see the newspaper. “I need to give dad a call to thank him.” She was in a good mood. She took her phone; she dialed her father-in-law’s number. It was quickly connected, “Hello dad, Mark told me that Mrs Johnson had been arrested. I’m so grateful. You made my day.” Her father-in-law was so happy to hear that her daughter in love was in a good mood. “Nobody has a right to bully you, since Mrs Johnson loves her daughter-in-law so much, I arranged for them to be together in police custody.” Victoria laughed out loud; her father-in-law was the best. She thanked him again, and then she hung up. Mark told her that he had met his mother’s friend, Auntie Abigail. She asked him to bring her with him when visiting her. Victoria nodded her head; she told her husband that she would like to see her mother-in-law’s friend.
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