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Chapter 106 I Didn't Ask Him To Kill The Babies

  • Local newspapers published Mrs Grace Anthony’s case on the front page. In Ben’s newspaper, it was stated in bold, “The Ex-wife tried to kill Mr Timothy Anthony’s beloved daughter-in-law.” Ben, the reporter indicated that the reconciliation between Mr Timothy Anthony and his late wife’s son, Mark, happened because of Victoria Anthony, Mark’s wife. It didn’t sit well with Mrs Grace Anthony because she was eyeing the Anthony's wealth. She felt that it was unfair for her son, Jonathan, to have an equal share of the inheritance with Mark Anthony. She tried everything to sow a discord between Mr Timothy Anthony and his son, Mark Anthony. Furthermore, he indicated that Mr Timothy Anthony gave Victoria Anthony His Wings restaurant as bride price, which infuriated Mrs Grace Anthony since she loved that restaurant a lot. Mr Timothy told his family that His Wings restaurant was founded by his late wife, Kimberly. Hence, he transferred ownership from Kimberly to Victoria Anthony. Also, the Anthony Group was established using his late wife’s money. He indicated that Mrs Grace Anthony’s refusal to take five billion rand as a divorce settlement shocked the family because according to the Prenuptial Agreement they signed, they agreed that should they divorce, she would get nothing. Mrs Grace Anthony had a grudge against her daughter-in-law. Hence, she paid the innocent eighteen-year-old child to stab her daughter-in-law to death. She was not human, but she was a monster. When people read Ben’s newspaper, they were rendered speechless. The inmates managed to get the newspaper. They couldn’t believe what they read, it was clear that Grace was driven by greed. They called her a gold digger, and she was slapped a few times.
  • Bongiwe was sitting in the living room. She was dumbfounded when she read the newspaper. She was not aware that Grace had been arrested for attempted murder. She thought she was in prison for perjury. At that moment, her sister-in-law Khully rushed to her screaming, looking at something from her phone, “Bongiwe, I’m so glad that you are no longer friends with Grace, look at what she has done.” Bongiwe took Khully’s phone, when she saw her friend Grace plotting to kill Victoria; her eyes were big as saucers. What happened to her friend? Did greed change her heart? “Khully, let’s go to court to support Mr Anthony, Grace is evil.” They freshened up, Bongiwe took her car keys, and then she drove to court with Khully. The reporters were gathered in front of the court. When they saw Bongiwe they rushed at her with their microphones, “Miss Bongiwe, are you here to support your best friend Mrs Grace Anthony? Are you aware that she was plotting to kill her daughter-in-law, Victoria Anthony?” Bongiwe ignored them and rushed to the courtroom. When the reporters saw Mr Timothy Anthony and his family they rushed at him, but they were intimidated by his stern face. He stopped, and then he looked at the reporters and said, “I will answer all your questions when the trial is over.” They were stunned, they couldn’t believe their ears. They became excited; it was rare to get an interview from the richest man in the country.
  • When Mr Day saw Mrs Anthony he was rendered speechless, her face was swollen. Her eyes were red and swollen. “What happened, Mrs Anthony?” She cried bitterly and replied, “The inmates beat me up, and then they wet my bed and blankets. They also ate my food. I’m so hungry my stomach is hurting.” Mr Day looked at her with concern, “Do you want me to ask for a postponement?” Mrs Anthony shook her head and said, “I need food, please get me something to eat, I feel like fainting. I didn’t even sleep because my bed was wet, I’m so exhausted.” Mrs Anthony didn’t want to postpone the case because she was hoping that Judge Harris would have mercy on her when he saw her swollen face.
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