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Chapter 132 3D Ultrasound Scan

  • On their way back home, Victoria was sitting in the car quietly, she missed her mother so much. Her father had sacrificed a lot for her. He was thirty-two years old when his wife passed away. He decided not to remarry to protect his lovely daughter from an evil stepmother. Mark didn’t know what to say to his wife to comfort her. When they arrived home, Mark took his wife to their bedroom, then he helped her to wear pajamas, “Sweetheart, take a nap. I will wake you up when lunch is ready.” Victoria nodded her head; Mark took her in his arms and caressed her back until she fell asleep. Then he headed down to the living room where Aunt Olga was drinking tea. Mark looked at her and asked, “how are you feeling, Aunt Olga?” She smiled and replied, “nephew in law, the Lord has been faithful in my life, my heart was full of hatred towards my father and my monster in law. The hatred I used to have towards my father is gone. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. When my husband passed away, I told myself that I would forgive my mother-in-law for failing to raise my husband with love. During the funeral, she came with my father-in-law to our house for the first time. She told me that she was coming to take her son away to be buried in his home town. I was so upset I nearly fainted. I wanted to call the police but my father-in-law calmed me down. I will never forgive her for the pain she caused me when I was grieving for my lovely husband. She didn’t even apologize for the way she treated my husband. I lost a beautiful soul; he was gentle and kind. He always put a smile on my face. I missed him so much. Your father-in-law will be accompanying me to see my parents over the weekend. I want to do things right before they pass away. How is Victoria?” Mark told Aunt Olga that his wife missed her mother so much. Aunt Olga told Mark that she was going to her room to take a nap.
  • Mark was thinking of ways to cheer up his wife. He decided to call Dr Cain. He quickly dialed his number, “Dr Cain, I would like to make an appointment to bring my wife and my family for a 3D ultrasound scan today if it is possible.” Dr Cain smiled and replied, “Mark, you can bring your wife at 3 pm, I will prepare a big room to accommodate your family.” Mark thanked Dr Cain then they hung up. He called his father-in-law and said, “Dad, I made an appointment with Dr Cain to see the babies on a 3D ultrasound scan today at 3 pm. I want to cheer up my wife. I would be happy if you could join us.” His father-in-law was so happy to have a good son-in-law like Mark. He treated his daughter as treasure. He was grinning from ear to ear and replied, “Son, you are the best thing that ever happened to my daughter, I will surely come. Thank you so much for loving my daughter.” Mark smiled, then they hung up. He called his father, then he called his siblings. They were so excited they promised that they would come. He invited Auntie Angel and Uncle Goodman to come as well. When lunch was ready, he went to their bedroom to wake up his wife. She was much better. Mark kissed her and said, “My beautiful wife, I made an appointment to do a 3D ultrasound scan at 3 pm to cheer you up. What do you think?” Victoria smiled brightly at her husband, then she kissed him passionately, “Thank you my handsome husband for putting a smile on my face. I can’t wait to see our babies.” Then she went to the bathroom to wash her face and brushed her teeth. Mark helped her to dress up, then they headed to the dining room to eat. “Love, I’m not sure if Aunt Olga is awake, let’s go and check.” Victoria knocked on Aunt Olga’s door but there was no response. She opened the door. Aunt Olga was in a deep sleep. She woke her up and said, “Aunt Olga, how are you feeling?” Aunt Olga smiled at her niece and replied, “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. How are you doing?” Victoria smiled at her and replied, “I’m much better Aunt. My husband has arranged for us to go to JHB General hospital for a 3D ultrasound scan. Aunt, I’m so blessed to have a husband like him, he loves me so dearly and I love him as much too.” Aunt Olga smiled and hugged her niece and said, “I’m glad my beautiful niece, Mark is a good man.” Then she walked to the bathroom to wash her face and brushed her teeth. She changed her clothes, then they headed down to the dining room to eat. Mark was sitting in the living room waiting for them. Victoria smiled brightly at her husband, then they walked to the dining room to eat.
  • At 2:15 they drove to the hospital; their family was waiting for them in the parking lot. They walked to the room prepared by Dr Cain. The room was spacious with ten sofas and a big flat screen on the wall. They were so excited, Dr Cain greeted everyone, then he told Victoria to lie down on the bed. Victoria lifted up her T-shirt, Dr Cain applied the gel to her abdomen. Then he started the scan. The little bunnies were hiding their faces. Dr Cain gave Victoria a lollipop, then they saw their cute little faces, they were sleeping. As soon as Dr Cain moved the Doppler machine around, they saw one of the twins pushing the machine with his tiny hands and little feet, he was so irritated. Mr Anthony laughed out loud and said, “That’s baby Tim, a feisty one, he looks like Grandpa.” They all laughed out loud when they heard Grandpa Timothy’s words. Dr Cain indicated that their heartbeat was strong. When they saw the babies' gender, they became excited. Tamara screamed and said, “My handsome nephews look like my brother.” The other twin started yawning. Mr Lewis was so happy and said, “That’s baby Pat, maybe he is hungry.” They all laughed out loud. When they saw baby Pat hugging baby Tim they couldn’t contain their excitement. It was a lovely scene. Victoria had tears in her eyes. They took many photos of the cute babies. The session was an hour long. Dr Cain gave Victoria a recording of the scan on CD. He told them that the babies’ weight was 1.5 kg, and they were healthy. Grandpa Anthony was over the moon when he saw his grandchildren. He asked Mark to make more copies for them as well. He couldn’t wait to spoil them rotten. Dr Cain advised Victoria to give birth earlier, from 36 weeks since she was carrying twins. They thanked Dr Cain, then they left the hospital in high spirits. Mr Anthony called His Wings restaurant to make a reservation. He asked everyone to follow him to the restaurant for a celebration.
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