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Chapter 127 You Were Not In Her Future

  • James’ words hurt Serene deeply. Did he just call her trash? For the first time, she wished that her parents were still alive. She was the apple of her parents’ eye, she missed them so much. Her parents passed away because of Victoria. She killed her parents, and her husband just called her trash because of Victoria. Her father-in-law wished that Victoria was still his daughter-in-law. She felt that the world had abandoned her. Deep down in her heart she knew that she was the cause of everything that was happening in her life. She took James’ love for granted, she wanted to be Mrs Johnson so badly. Since she was young, her goal was to marry into a wealthy family. Was it worth it? She was starting to doubt her decision to be with James even though she didn’t love him. James walked out of the bathroom wearing a robe, then he dressed and headed down to the dining room to eat. His parents were already in the dining room eating. He sat down, then he poured coffee into his cup. The Housekeeper started serving him.
  • Serene calmed herself down, and then she walked to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and wiped her tears. She wanted to hurt James as much as he hurt her. Even though James didn’t love her anymore, she was surprised that she didn’t hate him. She took a quick shower, then she dressed up. She pulled herself together, then she headed down to the dining room. She greeted her in-laws with a smile, then she sat down opposite her husband. She looked at James with disdain in her eyes and said, “James, your mother told me that you bought me 99 red roses for Valentine’s Day but until now I haven’t received them.” Mrs Johnson was dumbfounded, she thought she was cheering up her daughter-in-law. She started to panic. She promised her husband that she would never tell Serene about the flowers. She looked at her husband with pleading eyes. Mr Johnson glared at his wife, she was the cause of the argument between James and Serene. James looked at his mother with questioning eyes. His mother looked down at her food. James was really annoyed and replied, “the flowers were not yours Serene.” Serene laughed out loud and said, “when your mother told me about the flowers I was so happy I thought we were going back to where we were before Victoria. Do you mean that the flowers were for your ex-wife, Victoria?” James looked at his wife frowning and replied, “that’s none of your business.” Serene was not upset but she laughed out loud and said, “oh my poor husband, someone told me that her handsome husband took her in style in his private jet for vacation in Durban to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, she didn’t see your gift. I hope they will stay in Durban for the whole week until your flowers wither.” Mr Johnson was shocked when he heard her daughter-in-law call him as someone. He looked at her but decided not to utter a word. He knew that Serene held a grudge against him for forcing James to marry Victoria. However, he didn’t regret his decision, he still wished that his son James had tried harder when he was married to Victoria. James looked at his wife smiling and said, “Serene, are you not jealous of Victoria for marrying the richest family ever, since you married me for my family wealth?” Serene blinked her eyes. That was below the belt. Serene looked at James provocatively and replied, “I agree that Victoria’s husband is much better than you. Do you think she will leave her handsome husband for you? Dream on James, do you think you deserve her? She’s out of your league.” James looked at her with disdain in his eyes, but he just ignored her. Serene drank her tea and smiled at her husband mockingly and said, “You told me that when she was married to you she never asked you about your whereabouts. Do you understand what that means? If you don’t, let me clarify it for you. It means she never saw you as her husband, she was just fulfilling the marriage contract. I used to hate Victoria for stealing you from me, but from today onwards I repent, because from the beginning she knew that you were not in her future. I’m glad that you failed to see her as a treasure, but you treated her as a gold digger.” Then Serene excused herself and left the dining room table. James was so angry he looked at his mother and asked, “Mom, why did you tell Serene about the roses? You are fully aware that I don’t love her. Why would I buy roses for her?” His mother was ashamed of causing the conflict between her daughter-in-law and her son and replied, “I’m sorry my dearest son, I didn’t mean any harm. When I went to your bedroom, I found Serene crying. Then I told her about the roses just to cheer her up. I didn’t know that the roses were not hers. Also, since she is pregnant, I was scared that she might affect my grandson. Please forgive me Son.” James saw that his mother was remorseful, then he said, “it’s alright Mom, it’s not your fault. I blame myself for being blind. I know that Victoria might not come back to me, but I will keep on trying.” His mother was not happy when she heard what her son was saying. She would never accept Victoria as her daughter-in-law, over her dead body. She sneered at her son and said, “James, your wife is pregnant with my grandchild, you have to try not to give her unnecessary stress during her pregnancy.” Mr Johnson agreed with his wife even though he didn’t like Serene, but she was carrying their first grandson. They were hoping that when James saw his bundle of joy the baby would melt his heart and he would forgive Serene.
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