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Chapter 159 Silent Treatment

  • On Friday morning James and Serene were in their bedroom, even though James was still sleeping on the sofa, but the atmosphere was good. He promised himself that he would try harder to take care of Serene and his baby. Every morning before he went to work he would massage Serene’s legs and her back and spend time talking to his baby. Serene looked at James and said, “James, I’m sorry that I hurt you and I’m sorry for taking your love for granted. I promise that I will be a good wife to you and a good mother to our son. However, I will never forgive your father for trying to break us up please forgive me.” James was taken aback by Serene’s words, but it was little too late his heart was elsewhere. He looked at Serene and replied, “even though I don’t have any feelings for you anymore, but I will try to be by your side at all times as a friend. Please refrain from being rude to my father I will not tolerate it. I understand it is unfair to compare you to Victoria, but she has never disrespected my mother even once even though my mother was very rude to her. In your case my father is kind to you, but you are so rude to him which make me so sad. I thought you will show my parents that they made a mistake for not allowing us to get married two years ago but you are doing everything in your power to prove that they were right.” Serene was so upset to be compared to Victoria, but she suppressed her anger and kept quiet. Then James walked to the bathroom to wash up. He wore his blue suit and white shirt. He told Serene to call him should she needed him. Then he headed downstairs to eat breakfast.
  • His father was in the living room reading a newspaper while waiting for him. Since that day when his wife took Serene’s side, Mr Johnson gave his wife silent treatment. He was tired of his wife for taking him for granted, there was no harmony in his house anymore. He was thinking of staying in the office and not come back until Serene gave birth. James smiled at his father and said, “Good morning Dad, how are you doing? Where is mom?” There was a rule in Johnson family that they would eat together all the meals. His father’s face was gloomy and replied, “Good morning Son, I’m well thank you. Your mother decided not to join us. How are you doing?” James was not surprised when his father told him that his mother would not join them then he sat down and said, “I’m sorry Dad, since Serene joined our family the atmosphere is no longer harmonious.” At that moment Butler Ed informed them that breakfast was served. Then they walked to the dining room to eat. Thereafter they left for work.
  • At the Johnson Group Mr Johnson was sitting in his office with his son. He was holding an envelope then he gave it to his son and said, “Son, I decided to give my grandson 10% share of my company. Please keep it a secret don’t tell your mother or your wife.” James was dumbfounded he couldn’t believe his ears and said, “thank you so much Dad on behalf of my son. I promise I will keep this matter between us. Dad, are you going to attend the baby shower?” His father looked at his son with sadness and replied, “I don’t want to spoil your wife’s baby shower, she will be upset to see me there. So, I decided to spend my time in my study room.” James shook his head and said, “Dad, please come with us, I had a talk with Serene about her being rude to you. I told her that I will never tolerate her disrespecting you I hope she heard me.” His father was reluctant but at the end he gave in and agreed to go. James was over the moon. After work Mr Johnson took baby gifts together with Share certificate and left the office in high spirit, he was looking forward to attending his grandson’s baby shower.
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