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Chapter 7 Gold Digger

  • At the Johnson mansion, Emmanuel was in the lounge talking to his wife, “I don’t believe that James agreed to marry Victoria, I pinched myself so many times to check if I’m not dreaming.” His wife replied, “I think James had a fight with Serene, he is regretting it now. Oh, my son, we’ve destroyed his life, hubby. If he wants to divorce Victoria, please allow him to do so. I beg you my dearest husband, I can’t see my son in pain.” Emmanuel sighed. “I promise my wife, we will annul this marriage if he is not happy,” said her husband. James was a good son, smart and respectful to his parents. They loved him dearly. The first time Emmanuel saw Serene Logan, he didn’t have a good impression of her. He was hoping that James would fall in love with Victoria. Serene Logan loved vanity and friends.
  • At that moment, they heard the butler greeting James. James and Victoria went to the living room. Victoria greeted James’s parents, “hello Uncle, hello Auntie.” James’s father laughed and said, “please call me dad and call my wife mom.” Victoria was so shy and replied, “Yes dad.” Emmanuel hugged his son and said with a smile, “James, let’s go to the study room, leave your wife and your mother to know each other.” James left with his father. There was sadness in James’ face, there was no smile, her mother became angry, and her heart sore for her son.
  • When she saw that her son was sad, she became so angry at Victoria. The person who made her son unhappy was the girl sitting in front of her. She hated Victoria to the core. “How old are you? Don’t you have a boyfriend? Why did you agree to marry my son even though you knew that she had a girlfriend?” Victoria was so scared but replied, “I’m twenty-one years old and I don’t have a boyfriend. My dad tried to commit suicide, hence I agreed to marry your son, Mom.” Mrs Johnson was so upset when she heard Victoria calling her mom. “Don’t call me Mom, you don’t deserve my son. You will never be my daughter-in-law, you are a gold digger, you allowed your father to sell you. Respect yourself and know your place,” said Mrs Johnson.
  • “Mom, my dad didn’t sell me, he was against this marriage. When Mr Johnson told him that there was a condition, my dad declined the cooperation and left Mr Johnson’s office. I went back to Mr Johnson’s office with my father, and I agreed to the marriage contract. My dad and my late mother promised me that they would never interfere in my love life, hence my father was against it. My dad begged me to reconsider. He tried to change my mind several times. Even this morning, he told me to come back if I’m not happy, but I’m scared of losing my father. He sacrificed a lot for me. I will do anything for him Mom.”
  • Mrs Johnson sneered “Did you think about my son’s happiness? What about Serene, did you think about her? I told you not to call me Mom. I’m not your mother.” “Auntie, I’m sorry it was not my intention to disrupt your son’s happiness. Please forgive me, I promise after two years I will leave your son. I’m not interested in him. He is not mine. He told me that he belongs to Miss Logan,” said Victoria. Mrs Johnson sneered and said, “I hope you will keep your promise.”
  • At the study room, “Son, I was surprised to hear you agreed to marry Victoria, what made you change your mind?” Emmanuel was looking at his son’s sad face. “I was angry. Serene refused to take my calls, but I regret it now,” said James helplessly. Emmanuel looked at his son, he saw sadness in his eyes and said, “I love you so much my son, if you feel aggrieved, we can annul this marriage.” James smiled and said, “dad, I won’t go back on my word, I will explain everything to Serene when I’m no longer angry, I’m just hoping that she will wait for me. I’m deeply in love with her, dad.” Emmanuel hugged his son and sighed. Had he made a bad decision and destroyed his son’s happiness? He started doubting himself. “Let’s go back to the living room Son, tell dad if you feel that you can’t take it anymore.” James nodded his head and followed his father to the living room.
  • When they arrived in the living room, there was quietness. Mrs Johnson was so angry, Victoria’s eyes were red as if she was crying. “How was your meeting with your daughter in law,” asked her husband, smiling. “She is not my daughter in law, she is not compatible with my son, she is a gold digger she was sold by his father. Hubby, please allow my son to divorce her,” said his wife, annoyed. Emmanuel was stunned by his wife’s words, “ My dearest wife, Victoria, is not a gold digger, she comes from a respected family. Her father’s company was on par with us before the bankruptcy. If the Finance Director didn’t embezzle the company funds, the Lewis Group would not approach us for cooperation. His father was against this marriage, so he didn’t sell his daughter. Please, my dearest wife, be careful of what you are saying with your mouth.”
  • Mrs Johnson was so upset about being reprimanded in front of Victoria, she left them and went to her bedroom crying. Her husband followed her. James glared at Victoria with hatred. He had never seen his father shout at his mother, even though his mom was a strong woman, but his father doted on her. “Let’s go back.” Then they left Johnson’s residence without saying goodbye. In the car, James said, “I have never seen my father shout at my mother. The first time you met my family you caused my father to shout at my mother. Because of that, I will never forgive you. You made my mom cry; I hate you. My mother is everything to me.” Victoria felt wronged and said, “I’m sorry Mr Johnson, it was not my intention; it will never happen again.” James became very angry and said, “ Why did you marry me knowing that I have a girlfriend? I think what my mom said is true, you are a gold digger. Since I promised my dad to marry you, I will keep my promise, but please don’t play tricks on me, I will never love you.” Victoria nodded her head. James dropped Victoria at his apartment and left. He was fuming. He thought that if he stayed in his apartment, he would say things that he would regret.