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Chapter 112 I Want To Get Married And Have Kids

  • At the Johnsons residence the Johnson family was in the dining room eating but the atmosphere was tense. Since Mrs Johnson was humiliated by the reporters because of Victoria her hatred towards her went deeply. She hated her to the core, but she was scared to take revenge because her husband showed that he favored Victoria more than her. She felt that her marriage was on the line. Mrs Johnson was upset because she heard that her husband and son attended the trial to support Victoria. She was fuming, “Emmanuel, I told you several times that I don’t like your relationship with Victoria, but you refused to listen to me. You dragged my son with you to support Victoria, you didn’t care that my son was married. It is clear to me that you don’t want their marriage to work.” Emmanuel looked at his wife with disdain in his eyes, “I think I have indulged you too much Rosemary, Victoria is like a daughter to me. James went to court with me because he was the one who saved Victoria when the mugger snatched her bag. I forced our son to stay in this sham of a marriage because Serene was pregnant, when did you see me not supporting this marriage? I’m so tired of your nagging, you don’t even show respect when you talk to me. What happened to Rosemary I fell in love with, I don’t know you anymore. This is the last time I explain myself to you regarding Victoria, if you continue to annoy me I will officially adopt her as my daughter and leave half of my inheritance to her.” Then he left the dining room table and went to their bedroom. Mrs Johnson was dumbfounded, she could believe her ears, her husband would leave half of Johnson’s inheritance to the outsider? Over her dead body, she would find a way to teach the gold digger a lesson. She looked at her son annoyed, “James, I don’t understand why you are running after Victoria since you are married. Serene is carrying your child, but you don’t show any compassion towards her. Serene told me that you didn’t even touch her, what kind of a marriage is this?” James looked at his mother, but he didn’t utter a word. 
  • He grabbed Serene’s hand then he dragged her to their bedroom and slammed the door with a bang. He was so angry, “Serene, don’t you ever play a victim in front of me. I invested so much in you, but I never received any returns. Serene started crying, “James, I know that you don’t love me anymore, but you promised your parents that you will be responsible for me and our baby but since I was released from the police custody you don’t care about my wellbeing. I apologized to you for beating up Victoria, but you refused to forgive me. I don’t know what to do anymore.” James sneered, “I have a solution, why don’t you divorce me, can you do that for me?” Serene cried sorrowfully; she would never divorce James. She would become a laughingstock amongst her friends. She rather stayed in the loveless marriage than to lose the title of being Mrs Johnson. James laughed out loud and said, “I thought so, Mrs Johnson title is more important to you.”
  • Mrs Johnson was rendered speechless when she saw James dragging her daughter in law, she wanted to follow them to support her daughter in law, but she decided not to interfere. James used to listen to her but since Victoria entered their lives her son became a stranger to her. Even her husband started to shout at her in front of the children. She went to her bedroom to coax her husband when she arrived there was no one in the bedroom. She went to the bathroom to look for him, but he wasn’t there either. She was scared to go to the study room, she felt guilty for her outburst. She decided to take a shower, she was hoping that her husband would come back to their bedroom while she was washing up. Unfortunately, her husband decided to sleep in the study room, he felt suffocated to be near his wife. 
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