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Chapter 93 Which Problem?

  • Yu Yimo’s gaze was locked on the man’s back. His eyes darkened and he pursed his lips unhappily.
  • As the car slowly started moving, Du Yue saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes too. He raised his eyes subconsciously and looked at Yu Yimo through the rearview mirror before asking hesitantly, “President Yu, do you want me to stop the car?”
  • Yu Yimo’s expression turned cold before he forcefully shifted his gaze away. “Keep driving.”
  • Why should he stop the car? For that woman?
  • Seeing Yu Yimo’s reaction, Du Yue secretly breathed a sigh of relief before stepping on the accelerator and speeding up.
  • The car drove by quickly. However, Ruan Shishi, who was next to the road nearby, had no idea what just happened inside the Maybach.
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