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Chapter 72 Did You Do It?

  • Less than ten minutes later, a knock was heard from the door. Right after that, Du Yue pushed the door open and came in. “President Yu, I have called her over.”
  • Yu Yimo gave a slight nod. “You may go out first.”
  • “Sure.” Du Yue turned to leave the room before closing the door behind him.
  • Cheng Lu stood at the door while feeling guilty for some unknown reason. “President Yu, you were looking for me?”
  • “Come here.” Yu Yimo sat on the couch while casually flipping the magazine on his knees without looking up.
  • Upon seeing him in such an imposing posture, Cheng Lu’s back broke out in a cold sweat. She gripped her hands together and took her steps, moving slowly forward.
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