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Chapter 64 Verifying the Kidney Donor

  • Yu Yimo paused for a moment before he replied, “Alright. We will visit you when we’re free.”
  • He finally ended the call after a string of comforting words. After putting his phone away, he glanced at Ruan Shishi who was beside him and asked, “Grandma wants us to go back to the old manor this afternoon. Do you want to go?”
  • Ruan Shishi nodded decisively. “Sure.”
  • It was apparent to her that Grandma treated her well. Since she was free in the afternoon, she might as well visit Grandma at the old manor. They briefly packed their belongings after lunch before heading back to the old manor right away. Just as the car arrived at the main entrance of the old manor, Ruan Shishi could see someone holding Old Madam in his arms when she got out of the car, waving her hands at them. It was a heartfelt moment for Ruan Shishi as she immediately walked up to her.
  • Old Madam stretched out her hands to grab her once she was in sight. She solicitously asked Ruan Shishi, “Are you feeling better? Have you recovered from your sickness?”
  • Ruan Shishi wore a lovely smile as she replied, “My fever is gone now. I just have to take my medicine on time for a few more days and I’ll be fine!”
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