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Chapter 289 He Will Decide Whether I Should Stay or Go

  • For some reason, Ruan Shishi found their conversation too intimate. She coughed out of embarrassment and said, “We’ll talk about it another time. Bye.” With that, she hurriedly hung up the call. Her heart couldn’t stop pounding.
  • Having lay on her stomach for the entire night, her chest felt painful. However, she couldn’t roll over, so she decided to sleep sideways to ease the pain in her chest.
  • A moment later, someone knocked on the door. Madam Li and a servant came in with a tray of breakfast.
  • Madam Li came over and asked worriedly, “Shishi, did you rest well?”
  • Ruan Shishi put on a forced smile and whispered, “Grandma, I feel much better.” No matter how painful she felt on her back, she had to show her strong side to Madam Li.
  • Looking at her forced smile, Madam Li felt sorry for her. She took the bowl of congee from the servant and said gently, “Shishi, stop moving. Let me feed you. This congee is good for your digestion.”
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