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Chapter 115 Stuff Like This Should Be Done by Men

  • Why would he call her at this hour?
  • At the thought of the incident that took place in Yu Yimo’s office during the day, a flood of rage surged through Ruan Shishi once again. She gritted her teeth and locked her phone as she refused to pick up his call.
  • Drowsily, she ambled toward her bedroom slowly. At the sight of her bed which she had tidied up before this, her legs turned to jelly as she slumped directly onto the mattress.
  • After having some drinks, the best thing to do was to have a good night’s sleep without having to care about anything else.
  • Perhaps it was because of the effects of the alcohol, she slept very soundly that night; it was already nine past in the morning when she woke up the next day.
  • Yawning, she got up from bed and her mood lifted at the sight of the sun hanging high up in the sky outside. She then walked into the bathroom and filled up the bathtub with warm water as she intended to take a bath.
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