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Chapter 233 Desires for a Relationship

  • Ruan Shishi awkwardly opened her mouth to speak, yet no words were coming out of her.
  • At this moment, Song Ye’an gently laughed in his low voice through the phone. “Bad mood?”
  • “Yeah…” Ruan Shishi paused before a thought struck her. “Yun’an is in a bad mood as well?” She was still unclear about the situation between Du Yue and Song Yun’an.
  • Upon hearing Ruan Shishi’s question, Song Ye’an turned his head toward Song Yun’an, who was walking toward him at that moment. “That’s right. She has had that sullen look on her face and has been ignoring me. Well, she’s here. I’ll pass the phone to her now.”
  • There was a short exchange between Song Ye’an and Song Yun’an before the former passed the phone to the latter. Song Yun’an frowned and was about to question why her brother picked up her calls without her permission. Just then, she saw that it was Ruan Shishi who was displayed on her phone screen. She immediately answered the phone and disregarded her previous thoughts. “Shishi?”
  • “Yun’an. Want to come out and talk tonight?”
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