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Chapter 8 Get Lost!

  • Meeting her old enemies seemed to have opened up her old wounds; the couple who called Ruan Shishi was none other than Qin Xianli, her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her two years ago, and Yang Yue, the person with whom he was having an affair.
  • Ruan Shishi gave a cold sneer as she looked at the couple in front of her. “Qin Xianli, you look even more like a lapdog since we met each other last time two years ago.”
  • Yang Yue was wearing a tube top dress, whereas Qin Xianli was wearing a royal blue suit. The two of them used to be the hottest male and female students in the Finance Department of Jiangzhou University. As they stood together, they looked like an excellent pair, but only on the outside.
  • Qin Xianli’s face darkened upon hearing Ruan Shishi’s words, but he pretended to be well-mannered as he said, “Ruan Shishi, this is not where you should come.”
  • The usual gentle look in Ruan Shishi’s eyes suddenly turned harsh. “Why can’t I be here? Does your family own this place?”
  • Then, she clapped her hand over her mouth and said to Qin Xianli with a feigned apologetic look, “I am so sorry; I have spoken wrongly. You are the live-in dog of the Yang Family, so there is no way this place would ever belong to someone with the surname Qin like you.”
  • “Ruan Shishi!” Qin Xianli bellowed angrily at Ruan Shishi as he could no longer keep his gentleman facade after being stepped on his toes.
  • Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but feel great upon seeing Qin Xianli looking so desperate.
  • Qin Xianli was born in a little place, and both his parents were ordinary workers.
  • Ruan Shishi dated him back then because she liked his outstanding talent and broad knowledge. She had never looked down on him because of his background.
  • But never had she expected him to look down on her instead. As they were nearing their graduation, he played up to Yang Yue, the eldest daughter of the owner of Yang Construction Co. Ltd., and turned instantly from a bumpkin into a rich man by dating her.
  • Just then, Yang Yue, who had been silently standing aside, opened her handbag and took out a stack of cash in front of Ruan Shishi.
  • At the sight of the familiar scene, Ruan Shishi felt a tightness in her chest, and her face turned pale.
  • Seeing her reaction, Yang Yue laughed and said smugly, “Your tongue has become much sharper since we met each other last time two years ago. But…” She looked Ruan Shishi up and down with a disdainful look in her eyes as she continued, “Xianli is right. This is not the place where an impoverished girl like you should come.”
  • “Take these money and get lost!” With that, she threw the stack of cash in her hand at Ruan Shishi.
  • The cash fell all over the floor in front of Ruan Shishi like when she and Wan caught Qin Xianli in bed with Yang Yue back then. Yang Yue took a stack of cash and told her not to pester Qin Xianli.
  • Ruan Shishi had thought that she had gotten over the incident back then, but when the scene reappeared before her eyes, her heart ached again as her hand couldn’t stop trembling.
  • Slap!
  • A slap landed on Yang Yue’s face immediately.
  • It took Yang Yue half a second to realize that she was slapped. “How dare you hit me!”
  • Covering her face with her hand, she flew into a rage out of shame and wanted to hit back, but Ruan Shishi, who was half a head taller than her, had the upper hand in terms of height.
  • Ruan Shishi effortlessly grabbed Yang Yue’s hand that was about to hit her.
  • “Do you think that I am the same as back then? Do you think that I am still the Ruan Shishi who would say nothing while allowing you to humiliate me as you please?”
  • Yang Yue was frightened at Ruan Shishi’s suddenly ferocious demeanor, but she was scared only for a while. After that, she immediately yelled at Qin Xianli, who was stunned while standing aside, “Qin Xianli, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to help me after she hit me?”
  • Only then did Qin Xianli come to his senses; he walked up to them and raised his hand without any hesitation.
  • Outmatched in terms of the number of people, Ruan Shishi naturally wouldn’t stand a chance against the two of them.
  • She mocked, “Qin Xianli, it seems that I was thinking too highly of you. I have thought that you are a human, but never did I expect that you have now become a lapdog.”
  • “Ruan Shishi, you asked for it!” said Qin Xianli viciously.
  • But when Qin Xianli was about to slap Ruan Shishi’s face, a large hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his wrist.