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Chapter 254 We Are on Different Standpoints!

  • Lu Xiaoman couldn’t help but get excited and emotional as it was her first time going out together with Yu Gubei. Coincidentally, he was in a good mood recently, so the mood in the car was peaceful.
  • When they reached, Yu Gubei gave Lu Xiaoman his ID before telling her what to do. “Please help me register for the check-in at the counter. I have to go to the washroom.”
  • Lu Xiaoman smiled before taking over his ID and went to the counter.
  • Yu Gubei waved his hand, to which Shao Zhuo immediately caught on and wheeled him to the washroom.
  • It was Yu Gubei’s greatest shame as a man to not be able to handle his own physiological needs. However, he finally got used to it over the years; his pain and suffering had slowly turned into numbness.
  • Moreover, his paralyzed legs became his best protection. Since everyone assumed that he was incompetent, none of them would ever relate anything to him, no matter what happened.
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