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Chapter 150 Are You Deliberately Picking on Me?

  • Thinking of what happened before, Ruan Shishi’s thoughts ran wild. However, she was quickly pulled back to reality by Song Yun’an’s voice.
  • “By the way, Shishi, I brought you some clothes. You should put them on after dinner.”
  • “Clothes?” Feeling suspicious, Ruan Shishi looked down at her clothes and asked in confusion, “Is there anything wrong with my clothes?” The pale cyan V-neck blouse with a checkered skirt was much more mature than the jeans and T-shirt she usually wore.
  • Song Yun’an glanced at her clothes and laughed out loud. “This outfit is fine for work, but don’t you think it’s too conservative to be worn to nightclubs?”
  • When she heard the word ‘nightclub’, Ruan Shishi instantly became nervous. Under the upbringing of Madam Liu and Professor Ruan, she had never set foot in a place like that since she was young. At most, she would visit bars with others.
  • Seeing Ruan Shishi’s frightened expression, Song Yun’an couldn’t help laughing. “Shishi, I don’t want to lecture you, but it’s the 21st century now! Why are you still so conservative as if you’re still living in the Qing Dynasty?”
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