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Chapter 103 Vixen

  • The meeting commenced, and as the Vice President who had just been transferred to headquarters, Xu Fengming had to give a mandatory speech.
  • Ruan Shishi was seated at the table, and when she raised her eyes to look at the eloquent man who was standing at the head of the table, she felt a mixture of emotions.
  • “Alright, I’ve said whatever that needs to be said, and I shan’t defer from the topic any further. I’ve just arrived, so I’m not familiar with the operations of the company just yet. I’d appreciate it if the heads of each department would come up to present the projects that they are handling, and what is the progress of these projects. Do explain it well so that I can understand and assess the situation.”
  • After Xu Fengming gave that order, the respective heads of each department went up and gave a report of their projects. Ruan Shishi was busy writing the minutes, but her mind began to drift away as she did so.
  • She wondered about how she should deal with Xu Fengming. What could possibly be the reason that he was treating her this way?
  • Her mind was full of questions, but even after all the heads of department were done presenting their reports, she still hadn’t figured out a way to deal with the matter.
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