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Chapter 332 Don’t Sweat It

  • There was another person who got the news of the pregnancy aside from Ruan Shishi herself.
  • The person slammed the table and threw a jewelry box at the wall. The box instantly broke into pieces, and its contents were scattered all across the floor. Ye Wan’er tightened her grasp on the phone as her expression appeared more haunted after hearing Huo Chuan’s reports. She then bellowed, “Where did she go after being discharged? Did she meet Yu Yimo?”
  • Huo Chuan replied glumly, “No, she went back to her apartment.”
  • That did not reduce Ye Wan’er’s fear, for she became more anxious instead. She could not imagine the situation if Ruan Shishi confronted Yu Yimo about her pregnancy. How would he react to it? How would the Yu Family take care of this issue?
  • Moreover, according to Ye Wan’er’s knowledge, Ruan Shishi was very close to the Old Madam of the Yu Family, and they had a great relationship. However, the Old Madam had always been lukewarm toward her. This made her worry that Ruan Shishi would use the child as a bargaining chip to gain the Yu Family’s favor.
  • Getting more and more fidgety, Ye Wan’er finally clenched her teeth and said in a hushed voice, “Huo Chuan, you have to help me this time. I definitely will not allow the child to be delivered! Will you help me out?”
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