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Chapter 104 Now Is Not the Right Time

  • She didn’t feel the pain that she expected, but she heard a deep and manly voice. “Is one slap not enough?”
  • Ruan Shishi opened her eyes and she saw a large and mighty figure before her eyes. Yu Yimo was standing right in front of her, and he was holding the married lady’s wrist with great strength.
  • The married lady appeared to be rather shocked as she obviously knew who Yu Yimo was. She paused before she broke free from his grip and then huffed meanly, “President Yu, even if you were to stop me, I must do what I came here to do!”
  • Yu Yimo did not approve of the situation and he asked her coldly, “Madam Xu, it is currently working hours. Is your behavior really appropriate?”
  • Madam Xu’s face darkened and she really wanted to refute him with a snort, but Yu Yimo stepped forward and asked her coldly again, “Should you not ask your husband first about this sort of matter?”
  • With that, Madam Xu was taken aback, and she rolled her eyes in response before she shot Ruan Shishi a glare. “There is evidence! Is there still a need to investigate further on this?!”
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