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Chapter 197 Interested in Her?

  • Ruan Shishi was startled as she felt an oppressive aura washing over her. She reached her arms out to grab the bag from the floor before standing up and locking eyes with Yu Yimo’s gloomy cold ones.
  • How did he suddenly appear? Is this some kind of teleportation?!
  • Ruan Shishi was stunned at the man’s sudden appearance and quickly hid her wounded hand behind her back. “President Yu…” Why is he here? Did he rush here after he heard the news of Su Ling’s sprained ankle?
  • Yu Yimo’s gaze was cold and deep with his brows in a frown. He was somewhat unhappy upon seeing Ruan Shishi’s reaction. “What are you hiding?” This girl doesn’t want me to know that she’s hurt? I bet she doesn’t know that the incident where she tested the product’s safety had already been uploaded to the internet.
  • Ruan Shishi lowered her gaze and stayed silent before the man grabbed her arm.
  • “Follow me.” The man had a gloomy look to him that was frightening, and his firm tone was irresistibly strong.
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