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Chapter 158 Hiring a Care Worker

  • Looking at the incredulous look on Ruan Shishi’s face, Manager Lan let out a chuckle before she asked, “What’s wrong?
  • Pulled back to reality, Ruan Shishi answered dazedly, “I-I was just surprised.” During the two years she spent at the Yu Family Group, she was aware that the company offered chances to outstanding employees to attend external learning programs. But, she was never one of the recipients.
  • “As long as you work hard enough, everything is possible,” Manager Lan said matter-of-factly. “This time, the external learning program will be held at a company in Thailand which has been collaborating with our company for several years now. That company has been growing rapidly these few years, and from what I’ve heard, their way of managing the company is worth learning. Therefore, the company has arranged to send an employee from each department to pick up their skills. The program will last three to four days.”
  • Ruan Shishi was both surprised and delighted when she heard her. Barely able to conceal her glee, she asked, “Miss Lan, is it true that I will be sent there?” Every time such an opportunity which could only be given to one person from the department arose, it would usually fall to Meng Zihan, but to her astonishment, Manager Lan had chosen her this time.
  • At the sight of Manager Lan nodding her head, Ruan Shishi was overjoyed. “Thank you, Miss Lan!”
  • Traces of joy could be seen on her face when she walked out of her office as it was the best news she had received lately.
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