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Chapter 81 Pregnant

  • After being in the car for more than 20 minutes, Ruan Shishi glanced at the time, then at the unfamiliar road. She couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, aren’t we there yet?”
  • She would have arrived at the hospital in the city center long ago with the same amount of time, but he had been driving for a long time, and they were getting farther and farther from the city.
  • The driver smiled at her. “Almost there.”
  • Ruan Shishi clenched her fists, feeling uneasy; she was thinking that she had encountered a bad driver who deliberately made a detour. She was hesitating whether to get off the car earlier when she saw a hospital-like building.
  • As the car got closer, Ruan Shishi could see clearly that it was really a hospital—Jinghua Hospital. The building with a white-and-warm-yellow-colored scheme looked simple and clean. Ruan Shishi paid the driver, and when she saw that the few cars parked at the entrance of the hospital were all expensive cars, she suddenly understood something. It turned out that this was a private hospital with a good environment and high-end equipment, so the price must be quite high as well.
  • Without thinking further, she stepped into the hospital, then registered herself to get herself checked. Her blood was drawn, and within half an hour, the results came out.
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